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Methods of transport

  ・Method of using public transportation facility

   Please get off at the JR Chuou line KACHIGAWA station (north exit), and use the taxi.

   (Please tell "Nippon Kin-Eki"at Miyuki-cho to the taxi. )

  ・Method of using a car
   The signal intersection (KACHIGAWA-cho 1) in the 19th in national road line to the west. (Daiso and Lawson are signs. )

The front of the left hand of the first signal intersection (Miyuki-cho 2), about 300m ahead is our company.
The map of the address of our company can be obtained here. →
It is our map in the surrounding.
(4km in surrounding large area map)

(Detailed map in surrounding : Kachigawa-cho, Miyuki-cho area)

   Nippon Kin-Eki Co., Ltd.
1-3-2 Miyuki-cho, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0953 Japan
   TEL +81-568-34-7300
   FAX +81-568-34-7800

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