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We are introduce about Precious Metal Reginate Paste for highly reliable precious metals thin film formation to use for electronic parts.

What "Reginate paste" is ?

It is the compound which combined the metal atom and the organic molecule, and is the paste which does not contain particles such as metallic powder. Also it is called organic metal paste. We, Nippon Kin-Eki, are performing the research and development and manufacture of precious-metal reginate paste which used the precious metals, such as gold and platinum for this metal atom.


EChip resistor, thermal printer head, terminal electrodes such as image sensor module
ESemiconductor chip Au circuit board and etc.


EIt is possible to design without using substances RoHS restricted (Pb-free)
EPrecise thin film electrode formation of about 0.2-0.5 micrometer coating for firing is possible.
EIt is possible to print fine line with screen by the original rheology characteristic.iL/S=75/75 micrometersj
EIt is possible to print wide area because specificgravity is low and gold powder or flit is not blended. (Around 5u per paste 100g)
EPlating-proofness is good.
Esolder wettability is good. (Spec.; SE-3317B)

Product lineup

Part number Main raw materials & percentage Suitable board 1 Value of sheet resistance Feature@@
SE-1872 Au25.0 alumina 60`100m/ Low-resistance type
SE-1605 Au20.0 alumina 100`150m/ low cost type
SE-3317B Au23.0
alumina 300`600m/ good solder sticking

1@Recommended firing temperature range G alumina substrates 800-850.
Please let us know if you use glass substrates, not alumina.

Photos for reginate paste

@@EA Paste for printing to glass substrates and just drying (not firing)
@@EB Paste after firing for printing to alumina substrates.

Photos for reginate paste
iWhen the photo is clicked, it expands. j
(glass substratesj
SE-1870 Gold reginate paste
Print, not firing.

ialumina substratesj
SE-1605 Gold reginate paste
Print and firing,

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