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On Aug. 5, 2005, Nippon Kin-Eki approved for ISO-14001:2004 Certification, that is International standard for Environmental Management Systems.

Our daily manufacturing has been based on this international standard since we have approved for ISO-14001:2004 Certification.

We, Nippon Kin-Eki understand Earth's energy is a finite resource and keep preservation of the natural environment

Also all our members in Nippon Kin-Eki approach a environment problem actively and promote improvement of the environment continuously.

  • ISO14001certification organization ・・・・ ASR Co., Ltd
  • Area of activity ・・・・ Development, manufacturing, sales of liquid gold
We, Nippon Kin-Eki Co., Ltd. develop and supply more energy-efficient products to use a limited global resource and aims at the enterprise that can contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

Our company aims at effective use and the environmental preservation of the resource with harmony as the theme with the global environment when manufacturing and the sales activity of the product are done. Moreover, environmental protection is done according to the following policy.
  1. Our company observes regulations, the restriction related to the environment, and the government ordinance, etc. and work for the prevention of the global environment pollution.
  2. When we conduct business activities, our company tries to reduce the waste such as the bottle, cardboards and to recycle.
    Moreover, we reduce use of paper and the energy of electricity and the gas, etc.
  3. We set an environmental purpose and the target, and seek improvements continuously.
  4. We support making an environment-responsive product by positively developing, and increasing the sale of a functional material using precious metals.

【Certificate No.E1180】
Nippon Kin-Eki Co., Ltd.
environmental policy document in Japanese(pdf)

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