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Explanation of usage (For glass ware)

Procedure on how to choose liquid gold for glass ware

  1. What type of glass to be decorated is? (Soda glass, heat-resistant glass, crystal glass, colored glass, etc).
  2. Choose liquid gold type, Bright or Matt.
  3. Choose color tone type, Red, Yellow, Blue tone. Or Platinum, Silver or Other luster colores.
  4. Is the material after decoration fired with transfer ? Or not?

How to use liquid gold and instructions for firing

  1. Pour a small quantity of liquid gold into small glass like KINCHOKU or porcelain containers and apply it to the object with brush straight or after adding proper quantity of thinning oil.
  2. After appling liquid gold, let decorated object dry until your finger does not stick.
  3. Take air out of the kiln well by making the kiln door open partly until gass is not produced because liquid gold ( or transfer) produces flaming gas. ( The firing temperature is around 400-450℃)
  4. After gas is released from kiln, close the door and raise the temperature appropriately for each glass material. After keep the top temperature for 5-10 minutes, turn off.
  5. The best firing temperature is approx. 580℃ for standard soda glassporcela, approx. 640℃for heat-resistant glass and around 530℃ for crystal glass.
  Type Color tone Gold contents
Use Feature
Bright gold Gold
8-12 ・soda glass
・heat-registant glass
・crystal glass
・color glass

Our liquid gold is suitable for the avobe glass material.

Bright yellow tone 10% of the liquid gold is the most popular color for the glass ware.
Luxury and an accent are placed by golden gloss, with the gloss of beautiful glass.
There is also a strong type against transger.
Hald matt, Matt liquid gold Gold
12-18 Gold presence and luxury are emphasized by taking off the gloss of a golden side and carring out diffused reflection.
Bright liquid
Platinum Un-display
because of the mixture of the gold, platinum etc.
Luxury and an accent are placed by platinum gloss, with the gloss of beautiful glass same as liquid gold.
By harmonized the transparent whiteness of glass a with platinum color, monotone, coolness, rich feeling can be getting.
Half matt liquid platinum Platinum presence and luxury are emphasized by taking off the gloss of a platinum side and carring out diffused reflection.
Liquid silver Silver Un-display It is not so general, but it is used by burnishing after firing.
The whiteness of silver looks nice.
Luster Each color
Un-display There are wide color variations.
Without spoiling the textures of every glass, transparent beautiful metalic brilliance feeling can be getting.

*1 Color tone for liquid gold is shown by Red type=R, Yellow type=Y, Blue type=G
*2 Please refer to color image sample (picture) as below.

*3 Basically our liquid gold is for soda glass, but we have liquid gold that is used for heat-registant glass or crystal glass. However it is imposible to use However, it is not likely to be able to correspond according to the condition of the shape of the glass etc..

Fired color sample for lusters
(Left-hand side) From top, pink, red, dark red, purple, water, blue, right yellowish green, yellow, orange.
(Right-hand side) From top, green, dark blue, blue purple, red, orange, yellow, black, copper.
If a screen is clicked, it will see by expansion. Size:1280x960.

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