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Product lineup (Ceramic marker)
  • Ceramic marker is for ceramic ware and also for glass ware.Please use it according to the usage.  


For ceramic ware   For glass ware

Product number Color tone
FX-4100 Gold
FX-4200 Platinum
FX-4300 Green
FX-4400 Blue
FX-4500 Red
FX-4600 Black
FX-4700 Pearl
FX-4800 Orange
FX-4900 Yellow

Product number Color tone
FX-4101 Gold
FX-4201 Platinum
FX-4301 Green
FX-4401 Blue
FX-4501 Red
FX-4601 Black
FX-4701 Pearl
FX-4801 Orange
FX-4901 Yellow

 ※ Please refer to instructions manual that come with the ceramic marker for how to use.

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